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Marino says typically only the latter is beneficial in fertilizer; she doesn’t recommend using fresh coffee grounds because they’re too acidic for most plants to handle.“While there are a few plants that may benefit from some extra acidity in their soil, like hydrangeas, the vast majority of plants are not going to benefit from that,” Marino says. (Give ’em a page in “I’ve definitely been asked more about what plants like coffee grounds now that people are spending more time at home, making their own coffee instead of picking it up on their way to work,” says Erin Marino, the director of marketing at NYC-based plant company, Still, Marino says there are definitely some rules to keep in mind when using coffee grounds as fertilizer. Don't do it!! “Instead I would encourage people to slowly test for themselves.”However, she does offer up this tip on how used coffee grounds affect moisture: “Adding coffee grounds to fertilizer makes the soil hold and retain water better, which is going to be beneficial for some plants, but not for others,” she says.With moisture as a key factor in mind, use the below lists as a loose guide for what plants to experiment with, and which ones to avoid using coffee grounds with:The last piece of the puzzle is knowing how exactly to use your grounds. “I recommend only using them during this time period and skip using them during the winter months when plants are semi-dormant.”If you have cats, Marino says using a little bit of coffee grounds on your plants (from the list of ones that like them) can have an added benefit: it may deter your pets from eating your plant babies. Yes, that’s a bit of foreshadowing, keep reading. That’s pretty basic. Just stick to the plants on the list, start slow, and see how it goes. From the figures about we can see that whilst that’s technically true, coffee grounds aren’t an effective fertiliser.Whilst coffee is acidic, coffee grounds aren’t. From the research I’ve done, the benefits seem to be over-exaggerated – coffee grounds aren’t on a par with fertilisers like worm castings.That being said, my grandma swore by coffee grounds as a slug deterrent. The mold on its own is pretty harmless, but soon fungus gnats will turn up D:My granny also used coffee grounds, but I think more because she hated waste than it actually doing the plants much good!Do you need to put rocks in the bottom of plant pots?Does speaking to your plants actually benefit them?Unique, cheap indoor plants that are easy to take care ofHow to organise your house plant fertilising schedule Plants grew, and so the ‘coffee grounds are a great fertiliser’ rumours began.Does it have no affect on plants whatsoever? As well as being environmentally aware, I hate shopping.I have digressed. “The added nitrogen and potassium in the coffee grounds is good in moderation only,” she says. I grow in containers and I thought I was being slick so I took a few big handfuls of coffee grounds and put them in like this. “It’s not something I would suggest someone start doing as ‘the’ thing that’s going to help their plants. “You really want to dilute it and use it sparingly.”“The best way to use coffee grounds for plants is adding it to your Marino says another reason why it’s smart to use just a small amount of the grounds per plant is that it allows you to see how the plant is responding to it. This was my mint plant.

Fresh coffee grounds are ground-up coffee beans that haven’t yet been used to make coffee. Like I said, coffee grounds are fairly inert, so if you’ve already added them to your soil don’t panic. Used coffee grounds are the leftover remnants from making your brew. Can I also replace the activated charcoal then?There is a LOT of anecdotal evidence that suggests that coffee grounds benefits house plants.

your experiences.But thousands of people SWEAR that misting makes their plants grow better. I still grow an amazing quantity and quality of wholesome organic food. To be honest, they’re unlikely to be that fussed about coffee grounds. “I’ve heard anecdotally from several people that coffee grounds really helps keeps their cats away fro their plants!” she says.Clearly using coffee grounds to help your plants grow is tricky business, and it’s certainly no guarantee. I can’t exactly dismiss all that – if you’ve used coffee grounds and got great results, excellent.

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