switching from prednisone to hydrocortisone aceon

It’s a different step whether it works out or not I don’t know but it’s worth a try. Thanks for your experience it’s very helpful. If I get a twinge it’s hard to establish what’s causing it but it’s nothing like three years ago when I started my PMR journey that’s was debilitating to say the least. I was hoping that reducing would be easier I was led to believe this but maybe it’s not the case. I've learn't to be kinder & gentler on myself otherwise I want to weep.Steroids have certainly added to this but ageing big part of process (I'm reminded by GP & Rheumie despite convenience of saying as such), along with side effects of other meds no doubt being factored into equation.I wouldn't be without my HC because I appear to have developed other inflammatory issues along the way - its a matter of weighting up all the pros & cons & juggling many balls at same time.Sorry to add more fuel to the fire - good luck with big hugs ~ The muddle headedness, that you describe so well, was me with untreated PMR. I couldn't tolerate prednisone, but a 2.5 mg afternoon dose was never an option for me. My PMR is in a good state and I think that I’m stuck on pred just for the fact I can’t get off it. Fingers crossed for you. She said hydrocortisone is more like the natural cortisone our body would produce plus I have gained a lot of weight on prednisone in the past 14 months. Pred ulcerated gut lining. I got my emergency pack from the hospital yesterday and hopefully get my hydrocortisone tablets early next week plus I’m getting a test in a months time ( first test I’ve had). Oral potency may be less than parenteral potency because significant amounts (up to 50% in some cases) may not reach the circulation. Converting To: Betamethasone (IV) Cortisone (PO) Dexamethasone (IV or PO) Hydrocortisone (IV or PO) Methylprednisolone (IV or PO) Prednisolone (IV or PO) Prednisone (PO) Triamcinolone (IV) Result: Please fill out required fields. I hope you get some help with all this. Yes, when I first went on Pred I felt wonderful full of energy PMR pain disappeared along with a lot of my other pains...great! ; Corticosteroids including prednisone and hydrocortisone are commonly used to suppress the immune system and prevent the body …

So I get my new meds next week get an appointment in a month. Bless you Megams!

If it is a physiological dose and the patient is feeling fine - what's to not like?Hi Suffolklady - I swapped from Pred early 2015 when 1st diagnosed PMR. Hi. Switched to hydrocortisone which I have made in acid resistant caps leaving gut alone . It isn’t due to Adrenal deficiency alone, this assault by the immune system has taken its toll as well as the steroids. I have minimal pain from PMR if any at all but I do have pain from other conditions back, neck but that’s not due to PMR I had that most of my life.

The train journey ( unremarkable) but uncomfortable, exhausted me so much and filled me with such back and leg pain that I felt unable to go for the special meal he’d planned. I ask because I would be at the same level, had to increase to 5 but even at that still have no quality of life. I was having problems with tapering with pred I’m down to 5mg but getting further has been challenging. Good luck with whatever you do.This illness and medication is like nothing I've ever know.I really do not understand why they want people on low dose pred to take Methotrexate.

As presentations were part of my job, it was horrendous. Jsimo, everybody is different. I have alternative pain relief that works well. Next move hydrocortisone . I fear that this tiredness ( to put it mildly) is going to persist beyond Pred. I was reluctant to do this as I was still experiencing PMR pain and didn’t think that Hydrocortisone would help. Glucocorticoid potencies may differ greatly following intramuscular or intra-articular administration.Different glucocorticoids possess different duration of effect and potency; it is important to consider both factors when converting a steroid.Bryan D. Hayes, PharmD, FAACT, FASHP, is an assistant professor of emergency medicine and clinical pharmacist at Harvard Medical School/Massachusetts General Hospital. Now I know that I am dead set against the drug due to my experience of it for treating my Rheumatoid arthritis ( it didn't work), but I cannot see the benefit when low doses of pred (5mg and less) are doing the job.Exactly my point.

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