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“Miracle drug for congested / red / weird textured / oily skin I'm currently on my 14th week of usage and the pimples I get are very small (currently have at least 6 little pimples that goes away in 4 days) and could easily covered by BB cream. But second time trying on the urging of my doctor, I stuck with it the next time. Registered in England and Wales. Treclin should be discontinued for several days before resuming therapy.

I have late onset adult acne. You can opt out at any time or find out more by reading our I am now (knock on wood) about 3 weeks without any significant or visible acne on my face!!!! It got better on my 11th week of nightly usage. I just wanted to post a review about Treclin 1%/0.025% w/w gel which i have started using for the past 2 weeks. I only had 1 cystic pimple on my forehead. So far I've experienced two small breakouts and some dryness but nothing substantial.

I hid mostly inside my house for about a month because the acne got so awful. After 3 weeks, I have no more acne. Last fall I started getting hormonal acne so I saw a derm in January. “To start off, this has been the only cream or treatment that has cleared my acne.

I still have acne marks, but they are starting to fade. Treclin, however, is a medicinal gel containing two active ingredients: a 0.025% concentration of tretinoin, and a 1% concentration of clindamycin (a strong antibiotic). My skin looks incredible now three months later and I’m so happy with the results!” No where else just the forehead with some blackheads around my nose. What I used to consider oil now is more of a dewy finish that makes my skin look great. Read the product instructions carefully. But, about 2 months into using it every day, my skin cleared up - it's like all the acne that was happening on my face all cleared up almost all of a sudden.

Your skin will get less dry the more you use it. I'm excited to see what my skin will look like in 4 months from now ^^. It is used to relieve mild to moderate pain.Lipid is another word for fat. I switched back to the treclin and it cleared it up in two days beautifully. Also to wash off before you go outside from the night before. This subsided and the quality and texture of my skin is similar to when before I had acne.

If I catch it early they do not even get to the swollen part. I’ve tried 3 other prescription creams and they didn’t work. “Hi, I’m from the UK and our version of this clindamycin/tretinoin gel is called Treclin. Please do yourself a painful favour. My skin is smooth, pores shrinking, and whole complexion is so much better. I'm starting off slowly (one week in applying every other day before bed time). RealSelf is a registered trademark of RealSelf, Inc. It is a little drying so would suggest an intense moisturizer.” Last fall I started getting hormonal acne so I saw a derm in January. Having patience with this product is critical! “I have been struggling with cystic acne mixed with blackheads on my nose specifically. Im now 23, and always tried to cover my acne with concealer to hide all my blemishes as it has always got to me. The information on RealSelf is intended for educational purposes only. Information and fact sheets for patients and professionals. How it works More Salt Please Recommended for you However, I had a lot of scarring from the purge period that still made it look like my skin was bad. After around 3 and a half months my skin suddenly started to clear up very quickly and at one point there was not a single spot on my face. Now, I get so many compliments on how youthful I look and how clear my complexion is. Then I started breaking out again and got the worst acne ever so I was prescribed the treclim gel which is a clindamycin/tretinoin topical. Give it a try!”

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