Can I stop taking Fosamax cold turkey ditropan

0000010471 00000 n MK4 stays in the body 6-8 hours and is more expensive than MK7. I'm restarting a thread that was started in 2016 that has been closed. That October my DEXA bone scan T-score went from -2.8 (holding around that number for several years) dropped to -3.0 Gail, Have you had your Vitamin D level tested recently?
0000019904 00000 n At that time I started having severe back pain ... It is not going to happen overnight.The book "Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox" explains that there are now tests that can show how much osteocalcin is being carboxylated, so it's fairly easy to find out if you're K2 deficient and how much K2 you need to take to get maximum carboxylation.This discussion is closed to comments. 0000006945 00000 n 0000074107 00000 n

0000075997 00000 n Most adults need at least 4000 iu daily to get their levels up to 60-80 ng/mL. If you decide to stop taking Fosamax, there is no need to reduce the dosage gradually.

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Starting Vitamin K2 is also easy. To answer your inquiry, my last Vitamin D test was in 2010. There are 2 kinds: MK4 and MK7. 0000016620 00000 n I have considered getting off Fosamax for sometime. In Oct./2010 after a decrease in bone density (T score went from -2.8 to -3.0) I returned to the weekly Fosamax dosage. If you take an osteoporosis medication, such as alendronate (Fosamax and generic) or ibandronate (Boniva and generic), you’re faced with a dilemma. Bisphosphinates as a chemical category were first used as industrial cleaning solvents to prevent scaling and rusting on equipment. Is this feeling typical.

I went to specialty clinics out of state for osteoporosis ...

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The only think different is stopping the alendronate.
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activity during this period. Severe bone, joint, or muscle pain, necessitating discontinuation of Fosamax in some people, has been reported, occurring from one day to several months after starting the drug. Or did your doctor dx this as OVER production of stomach acid based only on your ...

I will There is little out there and no support groups that I can find! To start a new discussion in this community, I had a vitamin D test, and the number is in the low 40s.Gail, Because of the failure of the medical profession to study bone nutrition, and because the medical profession has been taken over by Big Pharma, many of the people on this site are basically doing their own research and treating themselves. 0000076269 00000 n

Many of us, myself included, have been very successful.Thank you lilypads for your comments. I just started taking a K2 supplement this week as an extra boost for my bones.

0000073187 00000 n Well, I got the news today that I have osteoporosis! New here and so very glad to finally find others w/ this issue! Fosamax, as you must know now, is a poison. 0000000016 00000 n

My lumbar spine is T-1.9, left hip is T-2.5 and Left femoral neck is T-2.2. i have osteoporosis and after takng fosamax for a year my endo told me it wa not working, my bone density is pretty bad. 0000068471 00000 n 0000019269 00000 n I am 57 and was diagnosed with osteoporosis 5 years ago. 0000004796 00000 n A major concern is that I've been on Fosamax since June/1999. I was on that 2 years and my ... taking the alendronate.

I was diagnosed with osteoporosis at the age of 37, two months after my first child was born. I will check into your suggestions. Is anyone on prednisone or had taken it in the past and developed osteoporosis? 0000006359 00000 n 0000002885 00000 n 0000063551 00000 n 0000007142 00000 n <<727493CBB00BDC44AF1FB30F491CA63D>]>>

More than likely, improving my D, is much like trying to improve bones. 0000011328 00000 n 0000019674 00000 n This material is provided for educational purposes only and is not intended for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. 0000054155 00000 n 0000012261 00000 n Linked to Can I Stop Taking Fosamax Cold Turkey, Purchasing a great turkey, rather than a chicken breast, really is a wise financial decision.

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