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your With only the timestamp and computer information, your searches can often be traced directly to you. What's new: more privacy features! duckduckgo does a wonderful job protecting my privacy but it does not seem to understand most of my searches which I think are pretty simple. Amazon & eBay) that results in small commissions being paid back to DuckDuckGo when you make purchases at those sites. Because of these drawbacks in HTTPS, POST and proxies we decided to take the redirect approach to combat search leakage. You can usually find out a lot about a person from their search history.It's sort of creepy that people at search engines can see all this info about you, but that is not the main concern. In today’s digital world you need to work on many angles to protect digital privacy. Intro. we will update the text of this page and provide notice to you • Now when you click on search results, we will block hidden trackers on the sites you visit, take you to encrypted versions of sites when possible, and expose poor privacy practices when known. And not all go as far as DuckDuckGo in some aspects. However, none store your personal information by default, which make them all pretty safe in our opinion.If this policy is substantively updated, Second, most businesses want to keep as much information as possible because they don't know when it will be useful. DuckDuckGo does not collect or share personal information.

You can deviate from the default on our Other search engines save your search history. your Because this information could be used to link you to your It is completely analogous to the search result case from the previous paragraph--we can see anonymous product info such that we cannot tie them to any particular person (or even tie multiple purchases together). Your search history is safe with us because it cannot be tied to you in any way.When you search at DuckDuckGo, we don't know who you are and there is no way to tie your searches together.When you access DuckDuckGo (or any Web site), your Web browser duckduckgo does a wonderful job protecting my privacy but it does not seem to understand most of my searches which I … at However, in our case, we don't expect any because there is nothing useful to give them since we don't collect any personal information.If you care about search privacy, you might also want to check out these other search engines that take it seriously by default.Each does things a bit differently in terms of privacy and very differently in terms of results. The decisions of whether and how to comply with law enforcement requests, whether and how to anonymize data, and how to best protect your information from hackers are out of our hands. They do it on their own volition.The bottom line is if search engines have your information, it could get out, even if they have the best intentions. @rogerwilco The question is why use duckduckgo privacy essentials, when there are dedicated extensions out there which tackle the same issue but much … I am convinced that privacy should be available by default and I think every browser should add privacy protection tools. However, we leave the choice up to you.
Why You Should Care - Search Leakage; Why You Should Care - Search History; Information Not Collected; Information Collected; Information Shared; Last updated on 04/11/12. The main concern is when they either a) release it to the public or b) give it to law enforcement.Why would they release it to the public? This means that no information is shared from DuckDuckGo to the sites, and the only information that is collected from this process is product information, which is not tied to any particular user and which we do not save or store on our end. The rest of this page tries to explain why you should care. This whole affiliate process is an attempt to keep advertising to a minimal level on DuckDuckGo.Also, like anyone else, we will comply with court ordered legal requests.

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